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Cultural Experiences


By coming to stay with us, you will have the opportunity to become part of our family. You will be able to experience authentic Peruvian culture, an opportunity which most tourists do not ever get a chance to have.

Here are some of the cultural experiences which you will be able to enjoy:


Food: You will be able to try many delicious traditional Peruvian dishes at home. You will also have to opportunity to learn how to make these dishes if you are interested.


Going to the markets: Shop like a local by coming along to the markets to do grocery shopping with Victoria! Ayacucho has several markets offering fresh produce.


Artesania: During your stay, you will have the opportunity to learn some of our handicraft techniques and create your own works. We can teach you how to 'bordar' (embroider), make ponchos, weave, and much more!

Learn Quechua: Quechua is the indigenous language of Peru, which we speak at home alongside Spanish.


Festivals: Peru is full of religious festivals and Ayacucho is well-known for its grand festivals. Some of the biggest festivals in Ayacucho include:

  • Carnival (February)

  • Semana Santa (Holy Week - March or April, depending on the year)


Visit Milpu, Ciriaco’s hometown: Ciriaco comes from a small village called Millpu, around three hours outside the city of Ayacucho. It is a small village in the mountains with very basic facilities. If you wish, you will have the opportunity of visiting Millpu to see what Peruvian country life is like.

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