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Our projects

Current ongoing projects

Free English lessons for local children


English is a skill which can open doors to infinite opportunities for children in Peru, a country which strives on tourism. However, English is not taught well at schools, and private English tuition is something which many children cannot afford. We have been giving English classes periodically since 2010. In 2016 we built a space to be used as a classroom in the house and since then, we have been offering regular, free English lessons to school children.


Giving work to local women


Through our family-run artesania business Wiñay Maki, we support local women by giving them embroidery work. We especially try to support mothers from rural areas and single-mothers.


Supplying school equipment to children in Millpu

Since 2018, we have been supporting the children who live in Millpu, a small country village, by donating essential school equipment to the children.


Future projects


Community canteen


We hope to set up a community canteen in our property to provide food for children and elderly people who are in need of support.


Life education programs


On top of our English classes, we want to start educational programs for children to teach them about issues such as health and the environment.

Accommodation for students from rural areas

There are young people from the country side who want to come to study in Ayacucho but are unable to do so as they cannot afford to live in the city. We want to start providing free accommodation for these young people to enable them to study here.

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