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Our Story


We are an artesania (handicraft) family from Ayacucho, Peru. Our family consists of Ciriaco, Victoria, Danny, Jimmy and two dogs – Tata and Lucas. We have been hosting travelers since 2010. We have been a Workaway and Couchsurfing host for many years, and now have expanded to have our own organisation.

Wiñason is supported by our artesania company Wiñay Maki which sells 100% handmade Peruvian handicrafts and guarantees the existence of the association. You can help us by buying our products and your contribution will support the current and up-coming projects of the association. Here is our website:

Our vision

'Wiñason' is a Quechua word meaning 'growing'. It is our goal and dream to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Ayacucho so that they can grow and thrive.

We have two main missions:

  1. To help the people of Ayacucho who come from low-socio economic background. We want to empower these people through education and work, and allow them to broaden their opportunities for the future.

  2. To preserve artesania traditions and spread our art - unfortunately our traditions are being lost so we want to prevent this by teaching people our handicraft techniques and exporting our products overseas.

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