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Volunteering - overview

Volunteering with us is completely free. While many organisations charge fees (often very high fees) for volunteering, we believe that this is not the right way to do it. We understand that everyone has different circumstances and we do not want to limit our volunteers just to those who can afford to pay high fees. In addition, we are already grateful that you are able to come all the way and help us out. If you are able to financially support us in anyway, that would be greatly appreciated - however, it is not obligatory (See Support Us). You can also support us by purchasing some of our artesania products to take back home as souvenir!

As a volunteer, you will be teaching English to local children. There are two English classes held every weekday at 3-4pm for primary-school students and 4-5:30pm for secondary-school students (times may vary). Depending on the numbers of volunteers staying at the time, you may be asked to teach one or both of the classes. You will be expected to spend some time each day preparing the lessons.

During the school holidays (January - March) classes are held in the mornings: 9-10am for primary-school students and 10-11:30am for secondary-school students.


Volunteers have the mornings (or afternoons during January-March) and weekends off, during which they could explore the city, rest, or learn some of our handicraft techniques. It is possible for volunteers to do trips to other cities on weekends, if they want to explore other areas of Peru.

We are also looking for volunteers who are able to help us in other areas - see Other volunteer work.


  • Generally, minimum stay is 3 weeks. We are also flexible so if you wish to stay longer than your planned stay, we can accommodate that.

  • Minimum intermediate knowledge of English

  • Curiosity, flexibility, willingness to learn

  • Basic Spanish would be useful as the family does not speak very much English – however, you will be able to pick up the basics and get by as long as you’re willing to learn!

  • Prior teaching experience is not required - however it would be a tremendous help for us if any teachers with experience are able to come!

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