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Past volunteer experiences

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I volunteered as an English teacher at Wiñason for a month in 2018.  My goals for going there were to improve my Spanish, live with a Peruvian family and share in their way of life, and to educate the children in Ayachucho in English. I achieved all three of them and had a wonderful experience doing so!

Victoria, Ciriaco, and their family are lovely and treated me as part of their family. I enjoyed teaching the children as it challenged me in both my Spanish and creative thinking, as lesson planning requires creativity!  In my off-hours, I prepared for the next class, walked into town to enjoy delicious ice creams, and explored the markets and sights of Ayacucho.  I made some amazing and dramatically improved my Spanish, all while giving back to the community.  Wiñason is a fantastic organization with the simple goal of improving the lives of their community -- join them in this mission and have a wonderful experience!

Jason, USA

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